Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shelley was sitting up feisty as ever when I visited this morning. She has a feeding tube in her stomach and while I was there she got her first 'meal.' As you can see, her color is good and she's taking charge of her life. But before I left she requested more pain medication, saying that her pain level was '1000.'

The roses are from my garden and the 'pet' is Betty - John brought it to her last night.

Shelley doesn't have a clear idea yet of what will happen next. Some of the plans: starting the combo chemo/radiation treatment, setting her up in the nursing home close by for a few days, and having visiting nurses help her at home. But no word yet on when she'll be discharged or what the treatment schedule will look like.

I'm very impressed with Shelley's good disposition and energy.

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Love, Greta